Neskorpas - Graphiste / développeur

Turn your ideas into images for a quality identity. Custom design and development of your business.

Application creation for mobile, tablet, desktop, iOS, Android, web app

An application to meet the expectations of your customers, allowing them to view and interact with your business. Promote your products or services by enabling your customers to buy or book on their mobile or tablet. Enjoy customized developments to facilitate the uses of your users and improve the shopping experience.

This will allow you to know your customers better, their habits, comportemments of browsing and buying in order to offer them the right product and satisfy their expectations. Different types of applications and developments are possible among the following areas :

Development Flash / Flex
(Actionscript 3)
Development applications RIA
(Rich Internet Application)
Design applications RDA
(Rich Desktop Application)
Design applications 3D
(Papervision 3D / Away 3D)

Make the right choice for your digital strategy
order to better respond to market requirements and customers.
Many solutions are available to improve the recognition of your brand, increase your sales
and customer loyalty.